Selling Benefits and Not Features

November 6, 2008

Ever since we finished v1.0 of our products at Chide.it about 3 weeks ago, we’ve been on the ground selling to customers. It’s tremendous fun to see how your products make a difference in people’s lives!

Something that has been very helpful to us thus far is a change of approach in our sales presentations. In the beginning, we focused a lot on what ReviewRoom (our document collaboration software) was capable of. In other words, we kept outlining the features that the tool had. The customers would then have to figure out for themselves how this tool would be useful day to day in their businesses.

After analyzing the the first series of presentations that we conducted, we realized that it’s not about the features and the power of the tool but, but rather the impact the tool will have on people’s businesses. It’s not even about the general impact, but rather the specific impact that it will have for the customer who you are presenting to.

The best way to approach these presentations, as we’ve realized, is to understand specifically how people conduct their processes today. If possible, it would be great to get the customers to admit to some of the frustrations that they experience in the process today. Armed with this information, you can then tell them about the benefits that your product will have for them. Once the customers are convinced that the benefits are worth it, they are already convinced that a product that would give them those benefits would be worth investing in. Then, of course, you can show how the features your product already has helps the customer get the benefits you sold them on.

p.s. yes, hindsight is 20/20 🙂


One comment

  1. Hey Aydin, I used to call this feature spew. Often sales people are so excited to tell you all about have great their product is. Frankly “who cares” the approach as you suggest is “what’s in it for them”. figuring out what is more important to the customer and how to solve “their pain” will get you a sale far faster than “how great I am”.

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