How to Sell Software

October 26, 2008

Selling software is a very interesting process. It so happens that its really not just about telling interested parties about all of the features that you have and how using the software can make life so great. Yes, this is part of the process too. But, the reality is that all this will do is get people interested in your product. There are so many other factors that come to play in selling and it would be difficult to talk about them all.

However, I will say that not only is it very important to tell potential customers how using your software will make their life better, but you also have to let them know how disappointing and difficult their life will be if they don’t buy your products. Most people will do more to avoid the negatives resulting from not buying than they will do to gain the positives from buying.



One comment

  1. Great points Aydin.

    I recall you speaking about this when we chatted one time. The terminology that I think works for these type of approaches is Opportunity versus Threat based sales. this applies to all types of selling and not just software.

    IIRC you mentioned your experiences trying to recruit people for facebook in the early days. The “this is a great tool you should join” or opportunity based sell didn’t work to well. However when the approach was changed to “everybody is already on facebook you don’t know what your missing” more of a threat based approach, then sign ups increased.

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