Come on RIM, sell your products better!

September 12, 2008

The other day I took a trip to the Rogers store to check out the BlackBerry Bold. I was hoping that they would have a demo handset ready for me to check out… unfortunately, they did not!

Apple has demo iphones in mostly every store that it is sold. I asked the customer representative at the Rogers store why there wasn’t a demo handset and his response was: “with BlackBerry, people know what to expect.” That was the most lame excuse that I’ve ever heard. I have a BlackBerry and I don’t know what to expect with the Bold. I checked out the online videos but until I play with the phone (just like I would with a laptop at Best Buy — and phones are becoming more laptop-like these days), it would be difficult for me to make a purchase. I know that BlackBerry phones typically haven’t had demo handsets in the past at Rogers stores, but I hoped that when RIM saw the Apple strategy, things would change.


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