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Telus locks me in with a $500 penalty

July 14, 2008
Telus Logo

Telus Logo

I’ve been considering switching to Rogers to be able to get the new iPhone. I called Telus to see what it would cost if I canceled my plan. I’m only 1 year into my 3 year contract and so it’ll cost me $500. In other words, getting the new iPhone would cost me $200 (cost of iPhone) + $500 (cancellation fee from Telus) = $700. I’ll be honest, I did consider it for a split second…

Also, it seems that Telus will not be getting the Blackberry Bold. But, the representative who I spoke to did tell me that the HTC Diamond and the Blackberry Thunder will be coming to Telus (but then again, who knows…).


h1 Launches Blog on Men’s Fashion

July 4, 2008

SuitUpp blog on Men\'s Fashion just launched a blog that will focus on advising men on fashion and life in general. Should be quite interesting. You can check out the blog for yourself here: