What is Twittering?

April 8, 2008

A bunch of people have been asking me why my facebook status always says “Aydin is twittering:…”
Well, the reason is quite simple. I use a great tool called Twitter. I also installed the Twitter Facebook Application. With the facebook application, everytime I update my twitter status, my facebook status gets updated to and is prefixed with “Aydin is Twittering…”

Twitter is simply amazing… Rather than explain to you myself what it is exactly, I’ll embed this video that will tell you exactly what twitter is in plain english:



  1. I’m on twitter as well and have been having lots of fun (you can follow me I’m isfan ). It goes beyond micro-blogging because twitter is extremely open and many of others are building on top of it. For example, Fred Wilson (a VC in NYC who writes a great blog) recently kicked off the “lyric of the day” initiative which is like a story you can follow. A bunch of us have been twittering lyrics which and we all get to see the lyrics everyone else is posting. I’ve discovered a few bands already … a new music discovery system. http://avc.blogs.com/a_vc/2008/04/lyric-of-the–3.html

    I’ve started to use twhirl which is a widget based on the Adobe air platform that help you better manage tweets and make it easier by sitting on your desktop. I’ve been getting regular lyrics as I sit on train between Toronto and Ottawa. Cool.


  2. Hey check out the Guru Bot! 🙂 It’ll allow you take your ‘twittering’ to the next level! You can create and publish CUSTOM feeds on Facebook and insert links to your websites and IMAGES! You can even insert affiliate links and then hide them in the text!

    This tool rocks, you can really take direct advantage of Facebook’s most VIRAL channel, the feeds with it! Try it out! 🙂


  3. Great Teaching!! Well Done!! Now I know what TWITTERING is!!

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