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What is Twittering?

April 8, 2008

A bunch of people have been asking me why my facebook status always says “Aydin is twittering:…”
Well, the reason is quite simple. I use a great tool called Twitter. I also installed the Twitter Facebook Application. With the facebook application, everytime I update my twitter status, my facebook status gets updated to and is prefixed with “Aydin is Twittering…”

Twitter is simply amazing… Rather than explain to you myself what it is exactly, I’ll embed this video that will tell you exactly what twitter is in plain english:


Scott Simpson Show (aka OCRI awards)

April 4, 2008

scott simpson bitheads

Scott Simpson from BitHeads really stood out as the person everyone remembered at the OCRI Awards. He gave the most entertaining and funny acceptance speech that I have ever seen when his company, BitHeads, won the award. He had the whole audience captivated and as a result, I think everyone knows about him and knows about BitHeads… Congratulations to Scott! 🙂

john roese

On another note, I happened to bump into John Roese who is CTO at Nortel (I used to work @ Nortel). He also won an award tonight (Next Generation Executive of the Year). Nortel is the 4th major company for which John has served as CTO (and he’s still under 40 – pretty impressive). You can check out his biography here. Amongst other things he has written two books and he’s also named on 16 different patents… and of course he’s an amazing public speaker… good to see him win.

doug somer

Other than that, BridgeWater Systems won the Technology Company of the year award [I think that’s what it was called] (Doug Somers was sitting at my table).

Well, I had a great time at the awards and can’t wait until next year 🙂