New Version of SpaceTime is GREAT :-)

March 28, 2008


3D Browsing is just sooo much fun. It sure beats boring old 2D browsing…. that’s why I really love www.SpaceTime.com. Basically, it is a new browser that you can download that will make your life a whole lot easier and more fun by turning all your web pages into 3D images… You’ve got to try this! Although, of course, it won’t completely replace FireFox for me, but its a start…

For the SpaceTime team, not sure how possible this is, but, can we get SpaceTime as a plugin for FireFox? Perhaps with a button that we can use to turn on and off 3D?  The reason I make this request is because I know you guys listen 🙂 The last 3 requests I made actually ended up in the product which basically makes me think you guys rock! 🙂


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee.


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