Unlimited Data Plan with Telus

March 18, 2008

After hearing all of the ads on the radio from Telus, I called them to see what all the commotion was about and ended up upgrading my plan… yes, yes, I know, again 🙂
So, what did I get?

$30/month Calling Plan:
150 daytime minutes + unlimited incoming calls + unlimited nights& weekends.
150 minutes is really all I need since I use http://www.bOKnow.com to get as many extra minutes I want to anywhere in North America for about 3 cent/minute. bOKnow also covers my calling needs to Europe with their international rates.

Unlimited Data Plan – $45
Unlimited Web Surfing (which also means unlimited Facebook :)) + Unlimited Text Messaging + VoiceMail + CallerID + Unlimited Email

What’s the Catch?
Well, apparently, when they say “unlimited web surfing”, that doesn’t include “over-the-air downloads”… in other words, if you want to download the facebook/gmail application onto your blackberry, you’ll be charged… or at least that’s what the customer rep told me on the phone… if I’m wrong about this one, let me know 🙂 After I hung up the phone with the customer rep, I also started wondering if this “unlimited email” actually included downloading attachments… not sure about this… if anyone does know, please leave a comment…

Does Unlimited Data mean the iPhone is coming?
According to Alec, Ottawa’s celebrity blogger, no 😦

Here is the Table from Telus: (click on image to see it in full)

Telus Unlimited Data Plans


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee


One comment

  1. It includes OTA downloads. I have the $15 unlimited email/IM/browsing plan (it included a web browsing bonus when they first launched). Been downloading OTA, etc. without any charges. Confirmed this with a representative numerous times.


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