How Facebook Can Double its Numbers :-)

February 10, 2008

Remember the race to register all the domain names in the world? Remember how registering http://www.your_name.com was a big deal (still is) and lots of people did so in order to prevent so-called “identity theft”? Well, here is a very sneaky marketing tactic that Facebook could use to help accelerate its growth…

Facebook could basically start injecting into the media a multitude of stories that show how a lot of people are getting their identities stolen on Facebook… This is not necessarily false… remember the Moroccan man who got arrested for creating a fake Facebook profile (see story from TechCrunch here)? Ok, so if there was this fear in people that “if” they did not go ahead and register their facebook profiles themselves, then other people might… this might trigger more of the people who say things like “oh… I’m not really a social networking person…” to reconsider…

Yes, this is sneaky… but, who’s to say Facebook is not already doing this? could the story of the Moroccan Man just be a plotted attempt to do exactly this?


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee


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