Ottawa @ its best: DemoCamp 7

January 24, 2008

Ladies & Gents,

If you have plans on Monday, cancel them. What you should be doing is heading over to DemoCamp7: where Ottawa startups demonstrate the next generation of tech products and services that will make the headlines.

Here are the details:

Democamp 7 will take place on Monday, January 28th from 7pm to 9pm at the Clocktower Pub on Bank Street just south of the Queensway. 

 Protecode Demo – demonstration of a tool that unobtrusively detects, logs, and identifies external content during software development. This tool is used to automatically create records of Intellectual Property ownership and licensing attributes of external code (eg Open Source modules or snippets) that enter a project.

Distributed Musical Instruments – Software that will allow MIDI files to be replayed on different sound modules. This will be a demo of an entry level process leading to a system creating a Virtual Musical Sound Studio.

The Traveler IQ Challenge – Demo of a viral marketing app gone wild. In June of 2007 the TIQ was launched on Facebook to promote TravelPod, since then it’s been launched on Friendster, TravelPod, TripAdvisor and virally on 4000 other syndicated websites. The TIQ has now taken a life of its own generating millions of monthly unique visitors and driving significant traffic to TravelPod.com.

JohnnyVoIP – Initial beta of a social communications platform tool that is currently available on Facebook allowing users to forget about downloading, installing, and finding their friends – just click on a link.

Internet Business Logic – A Wiki and SOA endpoint for business rules in open vocabulary, executable English. – Flash Demo Preview

iotum – iotum’s conference calling application for Facebook.


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee 


One comment

  1. Hey Aydin! Did you end up going to democamp? I hope you liked our game. You can chat about strategy and compare scores with other Traveler IQ addicts in our travel forums

    Any questions about the game, or TravelPod, just ask me.
    Louise Brown
    TravelPod Community Manager

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