My Favorite Music Website – MeeMix.com

December 14, 2007

SUMMARY: MeeMix is a good alternative to Pandora.

I loved Pandora (still do). At work, it caught on like wildfire… in one week, you could see all 50 people on our floor with their headphones on and tuned into Pandora.

But then, Canadian users were not allowed to access Pandora directly 😦

Now, there is a great alternative for the Pandora deprived crowd. Its called MeeMix. I’ve known about MeeMix for a long time… I haven’t talked about them to too many people before since their app didn’t work all too well in the past… but, I just logged in again tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see it working well… Check it out if you like to listen to free streaming music personalized for you 🙂


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee


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