Google Declares War on Apple & RIM!!!

November 26, 2007

Alright, maybe my title was a bit too dramatic… but, the truth is that Google is indeed on Apple and RIM’s turf. Most cell phones out there today are closed in nature… this means that each of them has a different operating system and requires special software. In other words, if a developer designs a game for the iPhone, it won’t work on the BlackBerry or an HP pda running Windows Mobile. Google recently announced Android, which is an open source operating system + API.

You may ask, we’ve had operating systems for phones for a long time, what’s so special about Android? Well, at this point, mainly that Android is open source: this means that developers can better understand the operating system and how it works.

This is a good business case. Google has this new operating system… how can it get the world to start using it, or at least get phone manufacturers to install it on their phones… well, Google is attempting to appeal to developers as a start. Google is offering up to $10 million dollars in rewards to encourage developers to make applications for Android. If there are enough applications out there, then Android will be more attractive to end consumers and this in turn will entice phone manufacturers to install the operating system on their phones… but more importantly… we’re talking about Google here… does anyone really want the 800 pound Gorilla on their bad side?


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee.

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