109% of Western Europeans have Cell Phones???

November 4, 2007

This is an interesting chart that I found on GigaOM that basically shows how far Cell Phone penetration has gone in some parts of the world. Yes, this means that for every 1 person in Western Europe, there are 1.09 Cell Phones. Crazy? yes.

So What?

Carriers are in some places of the world done with achieving their goal of having sold a cell phone to everyone. In order to grow their businesses, they have to move onto different models… This shows a change in the industry and with every change comes opportunity.


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee.


  1. It’s also interesting to note the difference in cultures- even between the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. Check out this link: http://mobileopportunity.blogspot.com/2006/09/european-vs-american-mobile-phone-use.html

    If Canada wasn’t afraid of pissing off the Big Four cellphone companies, Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido (part of Rogers) – I guess it’s the Big Three, there might be more cell phones in Canada.

    So what do you think, Aydin? More mobile companies or more of the same?



  2. I think at the end of the day, mobile phones will go through the same revolutionary changes that we have gone through on the Internet… as a matter of fact, as we are seeing, mobile phones and our desktops/laptops are slowly becoming indistinguishable… the phone in the next few years will just be another means to connect to the internet… Once this does happen, the carriers will no longer have the same hold over consumers as they have today… Carriers today are like what AOL used to be in the past (both the means of connectivity and the main source of content)… as the internet has shown us, these two are separate today… this will happen in the realm of communications as well…


  3. Saying that becuase every individual has a phone a new model must be created is like saying in 1970 when every househould had a tv, a new model have to be invented.

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