My Guest Lectures @ the University of Ottawa

October 30, 2007

There are a lot of interesting things going on in the world of Technology all across the world. I am conducting two guest lectures at the University of Ottawa talking about Web2.0 Business Models and and Technologies. If you are close by, please feel free to drop in:

Tuesday October 30 – 5:30pm to 7pm, DMS 1140

Wednesday October 31 – 1-2:30, Hagen 302

I will be covering a broad range of topics including some of the most exciting things that are going on in the tech world today in addition to the startup and business climate in Canada. This should be lots of fun 🙂

I’m told that a DVD will be made of these presentations and so I will try to post some of the material online. I will be doing a few other presentations in the course of the next few months (I’ll post the dates/times as they approach). Furthermore, I’d love to take on more such opportunities so contact me ( aydin – at – bOKnow – dot – com) if you are organizing a relevant venue…


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee

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