Luck is no factor for this man: Michael Cowpland.

October 23, 2007

The other day I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Michael Cowpland, a renowned entrepreneur and businessman. Mike, as he likes to be called, is famous for his role in co-founding Mitel with Terrence (Terry) Matthews and later on founding Corel (which we all know for its CorelDraw and Wordperfect products) and serving as its CEO through the best of Corel’s times. More recently Mike serves as the CEO of ZIM Corporation which is a leading player in the mobile entertainment business.

3 back to back home runs is not a matter of luck, you have to be good, and damn good, at what you do to be able to accomplish what Dr. Cowpland has accomplished. This man definitely has my respect.


posted by: Aydin Mirzaee.


  1. I love Corel! Wordperfect is an amazing product!

  2. If you think THIS guy’s good, try and meet David Suzuki

    Speaking of which, the Boston Red Sox hit three back-to-back home runs this post-season in Game 4 against the Indians. Now they’re in the World Series.

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