Don’t buy HP, switch to Lexmark!!!

October 19, 2007

Over the years, I’ve had many HP printers… EVERY single one of them has broken down. The last HP printer I bought really made me angry. It was late on a Sunday, I bought the printer only to realize that it only came with Color Ink. That’s right, the printer did not come with Black Ink but did come with Color Ink… an accident? No. Think about it, if they included only Black Ink, there would be a good chance that you wouldn’t pick up Color Ink; but, you can’t go without Black Ink… HP doesn’t even include printer cables with its printers by default. Even worse, their printers break down fast 😦

Lexmark on the other hand is amazing. I just bought a WiFi printer (that’s right, I can print wirelessly… nice.) for $60 CAD and it included Black and Color ink in addition to a printer cable. Also, Lexmark printers are even better designed (they look really nice).

Long story short, if you are buying a new printer, go with Lexmark 🙂


posted by Aydin Mirzaee

One comment

  1. While Lexmark has designed their printers very nicely, they are some of the most expensive on the market to own. Just remember that the cheaper the printer is to buy, the more expensive it is to own. I personally like Canon.

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