I had a defective BlackBerry :(

September 22, 2007

About a couple of days into life with a BlackBerry I realized that the mobile internet features don’t always work. This was slightly disappointing; but, being the nice guy that I am, I brushed it off. Then there was the massive outage. I learned that a lot of people were affected by this and so I remained on the sidelines once again. But even for the nicest of guys, there is a threshold that if crossed will force action. I called Telus (my provider) and demanded an explanation. After about 2 minutes on the phone (and 18 minutes of being on hold: yes, Telus customer support seems to be horrible – thumbs down to them – although, thanks to the headset that came with the phone, I was able to stay productive) I was told my handset was defective.

Learning that I had a defective handset, I went to two different Telus stores that just referred me to other places. Finally, the Telus store at the Rideau Center (in Ottawa, Canada) went ahead and ordered a handset for me. My handset arrived after two days. I went to pick it up but they wouldn’t give it to me since I had my phone for under 30 days. They said that if the phone was under 30 days old they would not replace the handset and would have to replace everything (i.e. everything that came in the box and not just the handset). This was fine by me; but of course this would only work with an original receipt. After finding the receipt and taking it back to them, they said that since I bought the handset from a reseller of Telus and not the company directly, I would have to go back and deal with the place through which I made the purchase. Off to the Billings Bridge Mall…

Now, Michael Hutchinson who is the store manager at the Telus location here is a nice guy and ordered another handset for me. It’ll be here next week. Looking forward to it. I am hoping that I can finally use the phone without interruption…


– I had a defective Blackberry (has RIM ever heard of Six Sigma???).

– Telus customer support is aweful (why is it so hard to talk to a customer representative???).


I will call Telus and complain as I’m not paying this month’s bill with the type of service they offered me.


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee

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