A True Engineer – Steve Wozniak

September 17, 2007

Over the years I can say that I’ve met many people in the field of engineering. I graduated from Electrical Engineering at the university of Ottawa and I met a lot fellow engineers at school and even in the work field. The truth is that you rarely come across someone who is truly passionate about engineering to a point that they will spend every second of every day thinking about and working on projects. Most people will have an affinity for engineering and will even work in engineering but not truly immerse themselves in it. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule and I can name a few people in this category. Steve Wozniak is one of these people who is a legend due to his role in the computer revolution and the founding of Apple Computer. The following is an amazing video that shows the true passion of Steve for computers and engineering. I’ve never met Steve Wozniak but it would be a true pleasure to do so one day. He is definitely someone I admire and respect. Check out the video. Definitely worth your time 🙂

From a business perspective though,

it was very interesting to find out that Apple Computer had 3 original shareholders: Steve Jobs (45%), Steve Wozniak (45%) and their third partner who had 10%. For reasons described in the video, the third partner sold his shares back to the two Steves for “a couple hundred dollars.”

After Apple Computer got its first investment from Mark Markkula ($250,000), each of the then partners kept 1/3 of the company.


Posted By: Aydin Mirzaee

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